Monday, August 10, 2009

She Doesn't Travel Light

I'm not one to throw a few things in an overnight bag and breeze out the door for a weekend getaway. All contingencies must be prepared for; warm weather or cool temps, rain or sunshine. Every ensemble must be planned with matching accessories and shoes of course.

I have improved though with mixing and matching specific color schemes. Sometimes I'll choose a few basic neutral color pieces of clothing and then build around those, however then layering becomes a challenge. I seem to get carried away. Must have short sleeves and long sleeves, be prepared for changes in the weather and temperature fluctuations.

My exasperated mate wobbles his pate with resignation and hides the involuntary eye roll so as not to display disdain, but more likely a restrained sentiment of confusion."Why do you need to bring so much stuff ?" My lament is "I just have to!"

If I wear a red jersey I must have matching shoes. Doesn't everyone? I have a female friend who shares the same affliction and we understand each other while our husbands feel like lackeys or porters wrestling multiple suitcases. My lady friend and I compliment each other on our attire as we merrily go on our way to buy more shoes while the men go golfing. Hey they tote those big golf bags around so what's the difference.


underOvr (aka The U) said...

Good morning my friend,

This post reminded me of my first trip to Europe (Italy to be precise). Ten wonderful days (three nights each in Venice, Florence and Rome) and I was raring to go.

Having never been outside of North America, I packed and packed..."STUFF!"

Hauling my luggage around from airports, train stations and hotels taught me the Minimalist Philosophy. If I can't put it in a carry-on bag, I don't need it. If there is something I need when I get to my destination, I can always buy it.

This philosophy has liberated me! I am no longer bound to the conventional thinking I adhered to for much of my life.

Regardless of how I or anyone else may feel, you travel based on your level of comfort. If you need matching shoes for each outfit, take matching shoes.

You know I have to say this (just because we're friends); I hope you do not require your husband to haul around matching shoes and outfits on your behalf. If so, I tip my hat to him (he is a gentleman and a scholar).


gaf85 said...

U, I've been trying to simplify my packing especially since it involves more weight in the suitcase etc. My husband tries to remain helpful however he wishes I'd pack less stuff.( Maybe he's grown used to it.)

Amy said...

Husbands just don't need as much stuff, although I am trying to be more minimalist (much more minimalist...oxymoron?) as time goes by and I realize that nobody is really looking at me. :)

Being prepared for all kinds of weather is not a bad trait at all.

Madame DeFarge said...

Having just done the packing (and unpacking, washing and ironing) thing for our hols, you have my sympathy. I can't pack light either. It's not wise in Britain with the variable weather. I loathe being unco-ordinated even with walking clothes, just because it makes washing so much harder. My husband just doesn't understand my packing gene.

gaf85 said...

"Ames" I agree with the needing to be prepared thought but I still tend to get carried away.

Madame,Yes it is so very important to always look coordinated, that's my big problem.