Thursday, August 28, 2008

Going grey

At a different age I thought it was important to cover my grey because it was a sign of getting old.The years tend to go by and the experiences I have had in my life accumulate into found wisdom. At the time you only know you are living your life one day at a time somewhat in denial of one's own mortality. I think that may be why I felt the need to add color to my hair. It helped stop the clicking time of the clock which is life, for awhile to be in denial of the aging process or trying to slow it down. Youth eventually passes but not without a fight. Is it wrong to want to hang on to that for awhile longer? When my hairdresser suggested I might consider letting the color grow out of my hair at first I was aghast. When I began to explore my thoughts and feelings further I had to ask myself why I had felt it necessary all those years to cover my grey. I had to acknowledge you cannot hold on to your youth no matter how hard you might try. Eventually age catches up with all of us even Dick Clark. It's okay now I have accepted the inevitability that there is a life cycle and I have ridden many miles and hopefully have a way yet to go. It is not necessary to be morbid only accept. Maybe as each one of us starts to age we go through a different passage of acceptance. I now let my age be what it is,what it needs to be.

Thursday, August 21, 2008


The truth is out there...
Whether it is M&M's,Hershey Kisses,Chocolate Cake,Brownies,Oreo's,just to name a few. I wish they had chocolate pizza or chocolate bagels. What about chocolate bread? They already have chocolate cereal.Do Reeces Peanut Butter Cups count because they are a combination of peanut butter and chocolate? Some people don't like their chocolate mixed with peanut butter. It's all the same to me.
My brother in-law had a rather whacky experience with chocolate. A long time ago he worked for a "drug store chain" and it was Easter so they were selling chocolate Easter bunnies. Mistakenly when they were closing the store for the night someone accidentally turned the thermostat up instead of down. Apparently it grew very hot in the store overnight and when he came in the next morning the Easter bunnies had melted into rather grotesque shapes. I think soon after that he "moved on to other employment". I think I would have eaten them anyway because it's still chocolate,right?
Some people allude to women craving chocolate especially during that certain time of the month. Do we really need an excuse to eat chocolate? Anytime is good for me. Of course you have to be really careful with your chocolate if you happen to have canines. The caffeine in chocolate can be harmful to dogs.I'm not sure though how much a dog might ingest before it's a problem.
Now they have confectionery stores at the mall and it is hard to resist not going in for a little taste. Those truffles with the gooey chocolate in the middle are to die for! Sometimes you buy these but end up eating some of them before you get home and then there are hardly any left and your husband will look at you funny,is this all you bought? Then you can either lie or tell the truth but he knows anyway because he is already aware that you keep a secret stash.In my house I have to hide the bag of chocolate chips to make Toll House Cookies because he will eat them all before I have a chance to bake.There is competition in my house for the chocolate. Chocolate cannot replace "passion" but it comes pretty close!

Friday, August 15, 2008

Top Ten Reasons Guys Play Golf

1. They like to hang with the guys.
2. It's part of their natural primitive hunting instinct to pursue their prey, hit the ball then look for it in the woods.
3. Walking is good exercise. (What about the golf cart?)
4. Being outside is healthy,getting some vitamin D.
5.An excuse for drinking beer.
6. It helps cultivate business opportunities or to get the inside track with the boss.
7. It's an opportunity to show off if you are a good swinger.
8.A little time needed away from the wife and kids.
9. You can avoid the "honey dew" list.
10. They all fantasize they are Tiger Woods.

If you check off more than three items on the list someone is spending too much time at the golf course. Instead go home and read A Good Walk Spoiled.

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

About Shoes

Hey, let's face it shoes aren't just for walking are they? Does it really matter how many either? I'd say now at this point in my life I look for comfort before fashion.It is more important to be able to walk without falling down which used to not be a problem unless I was under the influence. Those days I suppose are over too. Growing older doesn't necessarily mean you have to retire your dancing shoes unless you couldn't dance in the first place which my family will point out when given the opportunity.
It isn't necessary to have shoes to match every outfit but there are definite rules that if you are dressing up then your shoes should also be dressed up,but flats are okay if they are not ugly.
Sometimes it is okay to wear sneakers with a nice outfit if you are walking to work and then plan on changing when you get there.In some urban areas this is apparently acceptable.
There are times when I wear a certain pair of shoes to work and they might match my outfit but I will bring a second pair in my tote bag to change into if my feet start to hurt.When you wear cute shoes female co-workers will often notice and gather around to discuss your shoes and talk about theirs.They will ask where you purchased your shoes and certain brand names are often met with positive approval. Of course it then depends on what social/work group you affiliate yourself with. It some circles it is okay to mention you bought them on sale or shop at a discount but if you mention certain low end stores whose names I will not mention the shoes then lose their cachet.
If you are part of a family where there are multiple women that wear the same size shoe sometimes you can borrow back and forth however asking first will avoid conflict especially if they are favorites. There is an exception between mother's and daughters that exists. If a Mom has a really cute pair of shoes it is an unspoken likelihood that the daughter will steal your shoes and not even tell you till you see them on her feet when she is prancing out the door to some social occasion.As Tony Soprano would say, "what ya gonna do?"

Sunday, August 10, 2008

Sunday mornings

I look forward to reading the local Sunday paper starting with the local news;who got arrested for DWI,where the latest chicken BBQ was,who died. Usually there is something about local government too. Then it's on next to the entertainment section and the recent book reviews and recipes.It can be a relaxing interlude with a cup of tea and an english muffin or bagel.
Sadly though it makes me miss my dog who used to stretch out at my feet often competing for the same ray of sunshine in the corner of the living room.It is nice to have that fond memory of me and the dog relaxing together on Sunday morning.

Friday, August 8, 2008

Will it ever stop raining?

Summer seems to have slipped by.We haven't really had that many sunny hot days.It's too soon for summer to be almost over. You know what comes next? Fall then the dreaded winter in the North Country. By the way fall happens to be my favorite season of the year. Now it's August and the nights are already growing cooler.Maybe if we are fortunate we will have another hot spell,just not too hot. IT SEEMS LIKE IT HAS RAINED NEARLY EVERY WEEKEND. Not so great for us working "stiffs". I guess all the rain has helped increase the water table which is important. It has also made the grass grow quicker which means more frequent mowing, Not. With the price of gas we can let the grass grow a little longer.

Saturday, August 2, 2008

Good bye Manny

No more Manny being Manny. The leaving appeared somewhat painful for everyone;The Sox, the fans, and of course Manny. Regretfully he had to act like a jerk in order to get himself traded which was not fair to the team nor the fans.It is somewhat reminiscent of the Nomar trade. He also wasn't very happy and there had been concern his negative attitude was effecting the team. There are similarities.Various news stories have described that Manny's lack of hustle ,not running out a grounder,and taking himself off the playing list with supposed injuries was really lacking class. I also think the fans had begun to lose respect and we deserve better. When Manny had the brief altercation with Youklis it was really the beginning of the end and then when he pushed the travel secretary that was really very poor behavior. Yes, we will miss the fun side of his antics but unfortunately he may be remembered for the bad way he left. I guess when it comes down to it he just wasn't happy anymore and blamed the management for being disrespectful. Well I think that is rather arrogant considering how much they were f'in paying him to play baseball.Big Papi may miss Manny but the fans may be thinking good riddance. Let's see what Jason Bay might do and so far he has shown to be a good addition and frankly a better fielder,some clutch hitting too. Now all we need is for Tek to climb out of his slump. I'm curious what comments Curt Schilling may have on his blog,38 pitches. Let's face it the Red Sox are not hungry enough after two world championships. The Rays apparently are.