Wednesday, August 13, 2008

About Shoes

Hey, let's face it shoes aren't just for walking are they? Does it really matter how many either? I'd say now at this point in my life I look for comfort before fashion.It is more important to be able to walk without falling down which used to not be a problem unless I was under the influence. Those days I suppose are over too. Growing older doesn't necessarily mean you have to retire your dancing shoes unless you couldn't dance in the first place which my family will point out when given the opportunity.
It isn't necessary to have shoes to match every outfit but there are definite rules that if you are dressing up then your shoes should also be dressed up,but flats are okay if they are not ugly.
Sometimes it is okay to wear sneakers with a nice outfit if you are walking to work and then plan on changing when you get there.In some urban areas this is apparently acceptable.
There are times when I wear a certain pair of shoes to work and they might match my outfit but I will bring a second pair in my tote bag to change into if my feet start to hurt.When you wear cute shoes female co-workers will often notice and gather around to discuss your shoes and talk about theirs.They will ask where you purchased your shoes and certain brand names are often met with positive approval. Of course it then depends on what social/work group you affiliate yourself with. It some circles it is okay to mention you bought them on sale or shop at a discount but if you mention certain low end stores whose names I will not mention the shoes then lose their cachet.
If you are part of a family where there are multiple women that wear the same size shoe sometimes you can borrow back and forth however asking first will avoid conflict especially if they are favorites. There is an exception between mother's and daughters that exists. If a Mom has a really cute pair of shoes it is an unspoken likelihood that the daughter will steal your shoes and not even tell you till you see them on her feet when she is prancing out the door to some social occasion.As Tony Soprano would say, "what ya gonna do?"

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It isn't nice to take shots at your daughters when they aren't around to defend themselves!