Thursday, August 21, 2008


The truth is out there...
Whether it is M&M's,Hershey Kisses,Chocolate Cake,Brownies,Oreo's,just to name a few. I wish they had chocolate pizza or chocolate bagels. What about chocolate bread? They already have chocolate cereal.Do Reeces Peanut Butter Cups count because they are a combination of peanut butter and chocolate? Some people don't like their chocolate mixed with peanut butter. It's all the same to me.
My brother in-law had a rather whacky experience with chocolate. A long time ago he worked for a "drug store chain" and it was Easter so they were selling chocolate Easter bunnies. Mistakenly when they were closing the store for the night someone accidentally turned the thermostat up instead of down. Apparently it grew very hot in the store overnight and when he came in the next morning the Easter bunnies had melted into rather grotesque shapes. I think soon after that he "moved on to other employment". I think I would have eaten them anyway because it's still chocolate,right?
Some people allude to women craving chocolate especially during that certain time of the month. Do we really need an excuse to eat chocolate? Anytime is good for me. Of course you have to be really careful with your chocolate if you happen to have canines. The caffeine in chocolate can be harmful to dogs.I'm not sure though how much a dog might ingest before it's a problem.
Now they have confectionery stores at the mall and it is hard to resist not going in for a little taste. Those truffles with the gooey chocolate in the middle are to die for! Sometimes you buy these but end up eating some of them before you get home and then there are hardly any left and your husband will look at you funny,is this all you bought? Then you can either lie or tell the truth but he knows anyway because he is already aware that you keep a secret stash.In my house I have to hide the bag of chocolate chips to make Toll House Cookies because he will eat them all before I have a chance to bake.There is competition in my house for the chocolate. Chocolate cannot replace "passion" but it comes pretty close!

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