Saturday, August 2, 2008

Good bye Manny

No more Manny being Manny. The leaving appeared somewhat painful for everyone;The Sox, the fans, and of course Manny. Regretfully he had to act like a jerk in order to get himself traded which was not fair to the team nor the fans.It is somewhat reminiscent of the Nomar trade. He also wasn't very happy and there had been concern his negative attitude was effecting the team. There are similarities.Various news stories have described that Manny's lack of hustle ,not running out a grounder,and taking himself off the playing list with supposed injuries was really lacking class. I also think the fans had begun to lose respect and we deserve better. When Manny had the brief altercation with Youklis it was really the beginning of the end and then when he pushed the travel secretary that was really very poor behavior. Yes, we will miss the fun side of his antics but unfortunately he may be remembered for the bad way he left. I guess when it comes down to it he just wasn't happy anymore and blamed the management for being disrespectful. Well I think that is rather arrogant considering how much they were f'in paying him to play baseball.Big Papi may miss Manny but the fans may be thinking good riddance. Let's see what Jason Bay might do and so far he has shown to be a good addition and frankly a better fielder,some clutch hitting too. Now all we need is for Tek to climb out of his slump. I'm curious what comments Curt Schilling may have on his blog,38 pitches. Let's face it the Red Sox are not hungry enough after two world championships. The Rays apparently are.

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Anonymous said...

I've heard from other Red Sox fans that Manny's agent, Scott Boras, wouldn't get any money if the Sox picked up his $20 million club option. I wonder if he got chirping in Manny's ear (if you can find it under those nasty dreads) and convinced him to get a trade?