Friday, November 13, 2009

Crowd Control

....the longer I live far away from the urban environment of the fast lane the less tolerance I have for crowds. Even in the rural area I reside in occasionally encountering a crowd becomes this challenge of who or what is going to piss me off. I realize I have issues with personal space but even taking that into account some people are just so unaware of their behavior that I wax incredulous.

If a bunch of people are all walking in the same direction whether it is toward an exit or just the flow and momentum of the crowd do not stop abruptly to chat with people. Move to the side and avoid obstructing other people's paths. This would also include possessing the awareness that someone might be in close proximity and you should look around behind you before making a sudden move forwards, backwards, or sideways, not swing your arms around. If you accidentally bump someone offer a polite excuse me but honestly people do not seem to have any clue about this.

If you are in a store browsing or intending to buy something be aware that someone else may have the same nearby intention, be purposeful or yield some space.. That would again require a level of awareness which isn't an unrealistic expectation while out in public. I will acquiesce and step away for someone who needs to reach for an item close by me on a shelf but do not reach over me. I swear one of these times I will bite someone like a rabid dog. I definitely feel like growling sometimes, grrrrr!

Do not act loud or boisterous when there are other people close or nearby. I really do not want to hear about your argument with your mother or boyfriend or a joke about something inconsequential to me. Teenagers are notorious for this type of transgression and I will even be reasonable and take this into account and smile as I pass by but do not start laughing hysterically when I am an arms length away.Be aware of your immediate surroundings. Is that too much to ask.

There are times when I have actually extended my arm out to protect myself from someone else who is unaware of my presence and is about to bump me. My facial expression tends to be a frozen smile with veiled annoyance. How can you not be aware of your immediate surroundings?

Next week I will be traveling which will include being herded like cattle thru the security lines at the airport. I intend to be polite to my fellow travellers and would like the same behavior reciprocated but I think it will likely be a challange so maybe I should just take a chill pill and block out as much of the experience as I can. I will not cut into any lines and I hope no one does that to me or my frozen smile may crack or maybe I'll just start to growl. Oops I better not do that or someone from the TSA might think I'm losing it and jerk me out of line.

Sometimes it is just necessary to rant. And oh by the way, get out of my way! I do not consider myself anymore important that the next person but behaving in a civil manner out in public is something people no longer seem to expect from one another.......