Friday, August 15, 2008

Top Ten Reasons Guys Play Golf

1. They like to hang with the guys.
2. It's part of their natural primitive hunting instinct to pursue their prey, hit the ball then look for it in the woods.
3. Walking is good exercise. (What about the golf cart?)
4. Being outside is healthy,getting some vitamin D.
5.An excuse for drinking beer.
6. It helps cultivate business opportunities or to get the inside track with the boss.
7. It's an opportunity to show off if you are a good swinger.
8.A little time needed away from the wife and kids.
9. You can avoid the "honey dew" list.
10. They all fantasize they are Tiger Woods.

If you check off more than three items on the list someone is spending too much time at the golf course. Instead go home and read A Good Walk Spoiled.

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