Thursday, August 28, 2008

Going grey

At a different age I thought it was important to cover my grey because it was a sign of getting old.The years tend to go by and the experiences I have had in my life accumulate into found wisdom. At the time you only know you are living your life one day at a time somewhat in denial of one's own mortality. I think that may be why I felt the need to add color to my hair. It helped stop the clicking time of the clock which is life, for awhile to be in denial of the aging process or trying to slow it down. Youth eventually passes but not without a fight. Is it wrong to want to hang on to that for awhile longer? When my hairdresser suggested I might consider letting the color grow out of my hair at first I was aghast. When I began to explore my thoughts and feelings further I had to ask myself why I had felt it necessary all those years to cover my grey. I had to acknowledge you cannot hold on to your youth no matter how hard you might try. Eventually age catches up with all of us even Dick Clark. It's okay now I have accepted the inevitability that there is a life cycle and I have ridden many miles and hopefully have a way yet to go. It is not necessary to be morbid only accept. Maybe as each one of us starts to age we go through a different passage of acceptance. I now let my age be what it is,what it needs to be.

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JeaneBee said...

Daaaaah, well, I do color my hair LOL....don't know how many more years I'll do it however.

Just how does one stop coloring hair? Do you let it slowly grow out from the roots ...right now I have 1/4" of salt & pepper hair which is growing out. The rest of my hair is brown.

If I don't color it soon, I will have 1/2" of S&P hair and the rest will still be brown.

Guess I will go in the bathroom and color my hair.