Sunday, September 7, 2008

Top Ten Pet Peeves About Driving

1. Right now the price of gas makes people consider first if the trip is necessary.
2. People who speed up and then slow down. (They speed up when you try to pass them)
3. Drivers who tailgate.Do they know they are doing it or they just anal orifices?
4. People who park too close to your car in the parking lot.Either they have given you a door job or you might give them one.
5. Drivers who are distracted by something along the side of the road.
6.Old people who shouldn't be driving anymore. We'll all be there someday and our relatives will either have to hide the keys or disable the car.
7. Teen age males racing around with loud souped up engines with the stereo blaring. Hey,you are not that cool, really
8. People who talk on their cell phones. I tend to snigger when they get pulled over by the cops. (It's against the law in N.Y.)
9. People who are late for work and then drive like maniacs and try to pass everyone.
10. Drivers who wait too long after the traffic light has turned green. People who have to beep at you to get going.

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Sandie said...

Love your post! Pet Peeves is something something my two friends and I blog about.