Monday, September 15, 2008

Canine Worship

The rule about not discussing politics and religion is no longer applicable. Debating and discussing leads to more open ways of looking at things. Right? There are so many paths to the belief in a higher being (thank-you AA) anything goes these days. So why not worship our pets.
There are many childless couples who dote on their dog or cat and they are often treated like privileged "beings". They get only the best and are showered with attention. Dogs in particular seem to have this uncanny ability to read our moods. When someone is sad or upset our pet will often come over to where we are sitting and attempt to console us. Many a time when I had a bad day and would come home in a not so great mood my dog would trot on over wag her tail and rest her chin on my knee. She would gaze at me soulfully with her liquid brown eyes .Actually she was a Husky with "watcheye",one blue and one brown.....sort of spooky. She would patiently wait for me to pet her and not give up till I did. Somehow that action of petting her soft fur and her wiggling with delight made everything in the world seem all right again. In a way it tended to bring about calmness and a sense of being in the moment forgetting what it was that made me sad or upset in the first place. Dogs only want our affection and attention,they bring out the best in us. When I have not felt well my dog would sense that and stay by my side. She would curl up and sit on my foot. Not at my feet,on my feet. So why do I wax on so about my dog? You see I have this rather novel theory and probably either crazy or blasfamos that maybe dogs were put on this earth for a reason. They are very loyal and loving and they do bring out the best in us. Our love of a dog has a spiritual component. After all, we know what dog is spelled backwards don't we? Yeah , so call me weird and crazy. All I know is that when my dog and I were connecting with eachother there was nothing else in my mind and the world felt a lot less scary. What else could it be.......

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random thoughts from a random person said...

my dog loves to sit ON my feet too!!! i dunno why they find that so comfortable!!! & she's a lab- so she's damn heavy- gives one sore feet!! dogs are awesome...iv'e ranted about them a bit too whole heartedly in my blog...but i love em!!! =D