Saturday, October 22, 2011

Standing in the Wrong Line

When I am shopping in a store and I position myself at the checkout line to purchase my items I always seem to get in the wrong line. I try to gauge and guess which line is going to move the fastest but I always seem to guess the wrong one.
I repeat my mantra "this is a test of patience" and dial myself back a few notches, "no biggie". I hate to admit it but while trying to bide my time I'll peruse the handy magazine racks to read the celebrity gossip on Brad and Angelina, or some other celeb.
What usually holds up the line is also a guessing game. I try to look the other way, feigning indifference, not register any emotion. Yes, I have been in the position where it is one of my items that requires a price check. When it is me, I usually turn to the people waiting in line and make a lame apology. Sometimes this reminds me of the need for civility among strangers. If I exercise patience maybe others will also. I'm not sure if this a mistake in logic but by modeling the desired behavior perhaps it will lead others to be kind.
There are definite "vibes" I pick up on from other people. One of the biggest is lack of awareness, how their behavior might effect others. Is this related to intelligence or manners? I think it can be a lot of both.
All I know, is when I'm waiting in line to buy stuff, it doesn't take that much effort to give the person in front a little space, and act a little polite, it is not a direct affront to me personally. Stop being in such a hurry and be nice once in awhile to other people.

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A Beer for the Shower said...

Indeed, I pick up other peoples' vibes too, and living in a big city, it feels like most of the time that vibe is just one big obscenity. Impatience and incivility are two of my biggest pet peeves, which is probably why Chicago drives me crazy on a daily basis.