Friday, October 24, 2008

Halloween is not Christmas

Where did anyone get the idea to decorate the front of their house with orange pumpkin lights? Stuffed scarecrows,carved jack o' lanterns,ghosts and a few ghouls all okay. Not okay,blow up dolls. I mean the ones that are those large objects in the shapes of Halloween figures like witches and skeletons. Where did people get the idea to put these monstrosities out on their front lawn? I don't like them at Christmas either when there are reindeers pulling Santa's sleigh,etc.When I leave my house I drive by several of these displays wondering why the people living there think this is decorative. Why not blow up other things and put those on the front lawn too. Oh I forgot they also do this at Easter with a big rabbit or for some odd reason Winnie the Pooh or Peanut's characters.Yes,people have a right to put anything that is not"objectionable" or in bad taste out in their yards but that seems to be a matter of taste. Now when people put pink flamingos out there it is supposed to be in good fun which most of us understand,but what about those figurines of Shepard girls in frilly outfits minding their sheep? Then there are the old lady's bent over showing their bottoms and little boys peeing. I'm not making this up unless I have been living in the Twilight Zone which at times might be entirely possible. I've also seen silhouettes of mysterious "cowboys" with one leg bent leaning against the garage.Has anyone noticed that their seems to be a new craze of mounting nautical stars on their house and shutters? Are they waiting for a cruise ship to go by or what? Riding around once in awhile I have seen these angel ornaments mounted on people's homes which must signify some type of religious message.
I think people should actually get those blow up dolls and stage a porn scene for the neighbors to really enjoy.


Tatum Reid said...

Lol, never looked at it that, will be on the lookout from now on. Original and unique!

Sarah said...

Love it!!! Hahaha!

Anonymous said...

haha this is funny and true! personally, I hate decorating. my house is just plain and I like it that way. I have no decorations, not even for the holidays. my neighbor is a different story. they have so many Halloween decorations its actually kind of scary!

HektikLyfe said...

I don't mind. I don't go overboard. I don't use those lazy blow up monsters because they are so wasteful but it doesn't bother me. Personally I think it breaks the monotony of suburban life so more power to them. Can't say the same about porn.

I would much rather see an inflatable Barney then the broken down vehicles or dead grass people have ALL YEAR LONG.

MilesPerHour said...

I love your sense of humor. This was a great blog.

gaf85 said...

I really don't know sometimes where these ideas come from. I guess I'm just an observer who takes notice. Some of my friends have said I seem to be channeling Andy Rooney (60 Minutes), Seinfeld and a little of Lewis Black.

JeaneBee said...

Hmmmm, my neighbor has so many tombstones, skeletons and big blow-up things in his yard that anything I'd put in MY yard would look pitiful.

So I allow his display take care of both of us....question is....where does he STORE all that stuff? Christmas, Easter, 4th of July, Thanksgiving, he's got it all.

Putting it up and then taking it down time after time.....not for this gal!

gaf85 said...

Yes too much stuff means it's time to have a yard sale and the people who usually show up already have enough stuff.

underOvr said...


Adny Rooney? Possibly
Seinfeld? Definitely
Lewis Black? Absolutely!

I don't go through the traditions of holiday decorating, but my neighbors do. I don't think of myself as better; just different.

One neighbor actually put a toilet bowl on their lawn for halloween, along with some type of brown paste coating the inside; yeah folks take holiday decorating seriously.

I guess that's why Sly penned the song "Different Strokes".

Which brings me full circle to you, my Lewis Black, Seinfeldian, Rooneyesque friend. Thanks for a little bit of laughter on a chilly morning.


gaf85 said...

U, Speaking of toilets. There is a raging controversy in our town involving a home owner who wanted his land rezoned commercial and the Town Board turned down the request for a variance. In order to get back at the town he installed an "art project" of a row of toilets and urinals with flowers growing out of them. This has been going on now for about a year with different citizens sending in editorials to the local newspaper, some of them support his idea of art while others are not very pleased. To me a toilet is a toilet. Recently a college student was arrested for urinating in public.Guess where?