Friday, October 17, 2008

Texting in Haiku

I used to believe it was only the "20 somethings" who texted each other until I realized how it was another way of communicating and keeping in touch. Don't misunderstand ,I think it is very annoying when people answer their cell phone when I, who is the most important individual that the world revolves around is trying to have a conversation here (lol).
Sometimes texts are random but then I began to notice there was something else occurring. You often have to think of an abbreviated version of your message,succinct,concise when you are attempting to compose what you are trying to convey.I am not suggesting that Haiku is not a much appreciated art form in it's own simple way so beautiful.

Could you please call home
have not heard from you lately
Let's catch up on things


I work thru lunch and
bring something to eat at my
desk by saving time


You sound like a guy
No I'm just married to one
That is so funny


That guy is a jerk
he takes me to nice places
don't be a loser


U R very sweet
thank you for helping me out
no problem,peace out


Dad is on his way
when will he be arriving
not sure,pick me up



Anonymous said...

Hey thanks for the tips! I like this idea, i think i'll text in haiku from now on :)

Tatum Reid said...

How strange that people with similar interest seem to find each other,
Hi, Im tatum, and I actually just became a follower of Tom.s's blogs (that made 1st comment...fate or chance?)
I live your straightforward, may be seen as sinical way of writing... looking forward to the nxt one!

random thoughts from a random person said...

dis is gr8!! texting in haiku!! i mean i've been doing it unconsciously all this while & never thought of it...btw i'm gonna use d ones u mentioned..damn useful...not 2 mention aesthetically pleasing!!! XD

Anonymous said...

haha I never thought of this way before. probably because I use full sentences and correct grammar when texting. it's just a habit. most people do text in haiku though, and without even noticing it. great post!

Anonymous said...

wow, dts ppl r fst txters, nt bcoz theyre smply cheap bt bcoz the netwrks r prcing calls 2 expnsivly... so i gues thts y it dsnt occur 2 us 2 b tht creativ in txtng...(lol. hard to type text message in keyboard)

Laura Payne said...

Not only is texting its own context ( is an art form as you suggest.

I enjoyed your blog too and will check back again.