Saturday, June 6, 2009

Reggae Morning on a Quiet Country Road

The temperature and cool breeze of the morning was perfect for a walk around the neighborhood down the quiet country road. I donned my favorite Syracuse University t shirt, a baseball cap, and my fast as a bastard sneakers . My shuffle accompanied me as background music for my trek. Nothing like a little Reggae music to get a good rhythm going for a walk. As a precaution I spritzed a bit of ode' cologne bug spray to prevent harassment from the flying vampires. Off I went with the bitter taste of bug spray on my lips.
I was acutely aware that my right hip might protest but my motto is use it or lose it. Not to focus on any errant pain just enjoy the journey, focus on observing what might be encountered. I walked by the farmer's front yard and despite the Reggae music pulsating through my headphones I discerned the sounds of a barking dog, guarding the perimeter of his territory and his herd of cows. Four or five automobiles passed, most slowing down as a courtesy to the grey haired dame making her way down the road smiling and a wave from one or two of the vehicles acknowledging friendly greetings, don't really know who they might be...
Little yellow breasted birds swooning from tree to tree. I was able to detect a few tweets and twitters of their animated babble as my shuffle switched tunes to the Allman Brother's bluesy plaintive wails. Gazing down I observed small tiny pine cones dotting the side of the road and regretfully a scattering of litter, mostly fast food wrappers and a Mountain Dew can. I turned my attention upward towards the leaves on the trees waving their greetings at me in the gentle breeze.

I rounded the corner and was greeted by the vision of my home surrounded by a lovely landscape of grass , shrubs and flowers welcoming me back from my travels. I complimented the Iris' on their striking purple colors entered the house and enjoyed a bowl of Cheerios. Life is too short ,it must be savored whenever possible.


underOvr (aka The U) said...

Hi gaf85,

You're right about enjoying life. It seems more and more I'm told that someone I knew has departed this world. Or news of some celebrity that I'd heard of and seen on television or at the movies.

I too love to eat cheerios but for the time being my eating habits are being curtailed.

Carpe diem my friend.

May you always enjoy each moment.


Madame DeFarge said...

This sounds like a lovely start to the day. I don't think that I'm in a 'savouring life' mood these days for reasons with which I won't bore people. Just lost my sparkle. But I envy your ability to take pleasure in the things you describe in this post.

MilesPerHour said...

One of the things I am good at is doing just what you describe. I am glad that you shared this with me.

gaf85 said...

U, Sometimes we forget that enjoying life can involve something so simple as a walk, or a bowl of Cheerios. I hope the time comes when you can return to some of your fav foods.

Madame, So sorry to hear you are out of sorts with life. I hope your mood is short lived. Sometimes going through the motions is necessary to kick start the optimism again.I think your sparkle is your true gift.

Miles, I've learned that if I give this type of advice to others and it works that I need to follow my own best advice.
I've read so many of your posts and when you have touched me with something meaningful I realize how importantit is to share our thoughts with others.