Friday, June 19, 2009

Sometimes I scare myself.

Here I am a little after midnight when the world has grown quiet but my mind is still active and not ready to let me retire. Once in awhile I have a bout of insomnia and it's better not to fight it so instead I put in a load of laundry and started to bang away at the keyboard. Sometimes it is actually my most creative period of the day when I come up with ideas about what I might write about in my blog or I do my best problem solving.

I had to totally give up caffeine several years ago because it had a significant effect on my sleep pattern so I switched to decaf tea (most of the time), and didn't worry about giving up coffee because I never drank it anyway. A bit of chocolate is usually harmless but sometimes it can be unpredictable what it'll do to me. It's unlikely I'll give up chocolate, not gonna happen.

When I was in my teens and twenties staying up all night was fun and I could survive on very little sleep without it being too much of a problem. If I let myself I would probably revert back to keeping late hours and then sleep late but that's totally unrealistic when you have to get up for work everyday. It would be totally uncool for me to nod off at work because in a therapy session you don't want your therapist falling asleep on you!

There's something about the late of night that is mysterious and different. Darkness gives the world a different dimension. The world is generally quiet and at rest, unless you are in some type of urban setting. I guess that also has it's own rhythm. I don't think I was really ever afraid of the dark but I definitely had a very active imagination as a child and would sometimes be startled by weird reflections in the windows at night. I have a confession to make, there are still times when I'll glance at a dark window and think I see something. Not a monster, more like the portal to a different dimension that only nighttime brings out. Stephen King would know what I'm talking about. Sometimes I scare myself.

I will go take my laundry out of the washing machine, shove it in the dryer and try to go upstairs and put myself to sleep. I will relax my mind and hopefully sleep will take over. Good night world.

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Madame DeFarge said...

Hope you managed to sleep sometime. I sympathise with you. I love the night time, but sleep badly, which means that i sometimes dread going to bed as I know that I'll lie awake feeling miserable. My thing is that I won't look in a mirror when in a darkened room at night. Spooks me too much.