Wednesday, January 7, 2009

My daughter gave me a really thoughtful Christmas gift this year as a way of validating and encouraging my blogging. There is a book I would like to mention which may be of help to other bloggers who are stuck or need some inspiration and guidance:

"No One Cares What You Had for Lunch" by Margaret Mason offers 100 ideas for your blog.It offers tips on how to build a following. She has her own blog and receives thousands of visitors per week. The book is published by Peachpit Press. It's an easy read and who knows you might learn something new.

I particularly liked the title because sometimes we may all have a tendency to stray into the mundane. She suggests being more observational and look for a different slant on things. One of the points she also makes in her book is to monitor yourself so it doesn't turn into a constant gripe session in your posts.

Reading this book was helpful to me because one of the important suggestions was for you to stop editing yourself because if you water down your opinion then you may be pandering to being overly concerned about caring so much what other people might think. I think that is definitely something I will try to work on.

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